Warm baseboard – another opinion on heating
If floor heating of infrared or electric type is common for people, a warm baseboard has not yet become a perfect routine. A warm baseboard is nothing more than a baseboard convector. Placed along the walls, it creates a natural thermal barrier to the cold coming from the street. As a result, the temperature in the room becomes equalized. It gets equally warm near the floor and under the ceiling. Baseboard heating is an additional or main heat source for a home.

The baseboard convection system works simply but efficiently. A baseboard height is 12 cm, it is mounted around the perimeter of the room. It heats up to 105 °C and then radiates heat to the room. A warm baseboard functions with various boiler equipment, powered by different energy sources. Baseboard heating is advised to be used even with insufficiently insulated walls — the system will cut off and heat the flowing cold air and warm up the whole room.

The efficiency of the warm baseboard is high, it is suitable for any design, the materials are of high quality and always environmentally friendly. You can set baseboard heating in order to avoid excessive moisture in the walls, preventing fungi and mold. The baseboard frame is made of copper and aluminium, therefore it will work at least 50 years.

It is possible to use a warm baseboard as the main heating system because it has a higher inertia than warm floors. This allows the system to better "respond" to operating adjustments. The warm baseboard system consists of two main components — an electric convector and connecting parts. The convector is built into a special protective frame. Warm baseboard system is controlled by a wall thermostat or a controller, so the heating temperature can be clearly regulated.

Another advantage of the baseboard convector is that it does not require any space at all. Every owner of a small living space will like it. Furniture, appliances and other items will not have to be arranged in conditions of attachment to heating radiators. The type of baseboard will be stylish, you can choose a design for any interior. However, there is a limitation — do not cover the openings of the baseboard and convector. It may damage the system.

Thus, the warm baseboard has the right to be considered a new discovery in the world of heating systems. All-round attractive, practical and aesthetically pleasing discovery.

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