How to heat the house cost effectiely using electricity?
The best way to provide heat to a private house is electric heating. There are several system types. Many people don't know how to choose the system, which will be efficient and economical. You can install an electric boiler, make underfloor heating all over your house, or you can use the innovative baseboard method. None of us is ready to install an ineffective and expensive heating option, so the issue of heating houses with electricity is very relevant.
Electrical heating system alternatives

Many owners of large country houses that are heated with electricity are constantly suffering financial losses. This is due to the amount of consumed electricity necessary to heat the entire room. And the accounts that the owners receive can even shock them. An electric boiler is considered an excellent alternative to a gas boiler or solid fuel equivalent, but not the best and most economical variant.

The boiler that heats the house with electricity does it perfectly, but the electricity costs and other inconveniences associated with using this alternative force many owners to think about other ways to heat the room. You are to install additional equipment to heat the house with an electric boiler: pumps, radiators and much more.

The underfloor heating has its pros and cons. A serious flaw is that the room will be heated unevenly. The air temperature will be a couple of degrees higher at the bottom than at the top. Another disadvantage of this heating method is the complexity of the installation of the entire system. There are several options for underfloor heating: infrared, cable, reinforcing mesh and others. Repairing all these options is quite problematic, because you are to remove the floor and the damaged element. That is why many experts do not recommend using this method for space heating.

Electric radiators can only be used as a source of additional heat. Therefore, they are not suitable for full house heating. And the cost of electricity will be huge.

Many experts lean towards the warm baseboard. They believe that an electric boiler and the use of underfloor heating cannot give the result that you get with a warm baseboard. All of the systems listed above have a number of serious disadvantages. The main advantages of using warm baseboards are:

  • Profitability. Today this argument is considered the most powerful. You can save money without losing quality;
  • Design. There are different types of warm baseboards on the market that will perfectly match any interior. By choosing this system, you will not only solve the heating issue, but also improve your house interior;
  • Efficiency. Warm air rises along the wall, creating an air screen;
  • Easy to install. All structural elements are easy to mount and dismantle;
  • Convenience. The whole system consists of a special box and a heating element that is installed inside;
  • Usability. The system can be regulated by any thermostat;
  • Safety. The system doesn’t need to use open fire.
You can choose suitable right for you baseboard type in our website catalogue. There are baseboards in different colors, it is possible to make the baseboard invisible. You can see all types of skirting boards in the RAL line.

Warm baseboard is an innovative, modern, technological, practical, relevant, reliable, long-life way to solve the problem of heating your space. This system will effectively solve the heating issue and the purchase and installation will be the most profitable option for your investment. Once you spent money on the installation of this system, you can quickly recoup your investment by saving on energy bills. Such system will last over 25 years.

If you have any questions about the underfloor heating system, its installation and cost, we will be happy to answer any questions.

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