ORION warm baseboard
Reliable and energy-effective heating system developed by Russian scientists. It is used as a main or additional heating source.
Easy to install with fine finishing.
How it works
The warm baseboard system functions upon Coanda effect, the physical phenomenon, which was discovered by the Romanian scientist Henri Coanda. According to this phenomenon, a stream of air (or liquid) tends to "stick" to the surface with a zone of reduced pressure. This is exactly what happens during the operation of the baseboard convector. Warm air travels along walls and windows, creating a heat shield.
The Orion heating system is connected to a regular 220 V. The average annual electricity consumption is only 25 W / m². View technical characteristics of Orion warm baseboard.
View technical characteristics of Orion warm baseboard
Average annual electricity consumption is only 0.025 kW / m². It's cheaper than heating with gas!
The unique design of the heating element of the Orion warm baseboard allows you to convert 100% of electricity into heat!

It does not burn out natural humidity and oxygen in the room and removes dampness and prevents mildew in corners and walls effectively. The amount of dust and microparticles in the room is significantly less compared to radiator heating.
Warm baseboard is used as the main heating source in the house. Simple installation, the original design of the warm baseboard allows mounting by a non-specialist. To power the structure, it is enough to connect to a 220W power supply.

It is controlled automatically and does not require human presence. It maintains the required room temperature. You can control the room temperature from your smartphone.

Affordable maintainability
Installation is carried out with finishing room. It does not require wall and floor dismantling. In case of failure, you are to replace only the heating element in a separate section of the equipment.
Maximum security. The system has triple protection against short circuit and fire. Confirmed by a conformity certificate with a 5-year warranty.

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Fits into any interior
Thanks to a wide range of shades, the Orion warm baseboard will match any room design. Also, you are not limited in the choice of floor coverings, as it is with warm floor systems.
Wide range of aplication
Orion warm baseboard is used as a main or additional source of heating and is used in all types of rooms of various purposes and sizes.
Not afraid of moisture
Orion baseboard is an excellent type of heating in saunas, greenhouses, garage-type rooms, workshops, balconies. Due to the fact that the warm baseboard heats up the walls, there are no zones with temperature drops in the room and no drafts.
High humidity and dampness do not affect the operation of the system in any way.
Registered innovation
Orion warm baseboard was developed by a group of Siberian scientists - thermal physicists. They have created a new heating element that eliminates high energy consumption. An increase in the efficiency of the heating element occurs due to an increase in the linear density of the heating element heat flow.
The result of the model is a reduction in electricity consumption from 100 W/m2to 25 W/m2 (at an ambient temperature of -20 ° C and + 25 ° C in the room) and preservation of all positive characteristics of foreign alternatives.
The Orion baseboard heating system received a prestigious award of the All-Russian competition of projects ENES-2017 in the category "Best energy-efficient low-rise residential building", as a part of the business program of the international forum "Russian Energy Week 2017".
Heating system efficiency
The ratio of the heating system cost to the cost of electricity
Orion warm baseboard

Alternative warm baseboard

Electric convector

Warm floor (infrared film)

Warm floor (thin mat)

Warm floor (cable system)
Cost of equipment,
thousand rubles
Electricity costs,
thousand rubles
Download a comparative analysis of warm baseboard with other electric heating systems.
Download a comparative analysis of baseboard heating with other heating systems such as gas and coal.
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Installation process
1st stage
Make all horizontal marks before installation. Lay heat-insulating tape and main.
2nd stage
Connect heating element with the main cable. Attach the back panel to the wall using self-tapping screws through clips and fasten the heating element.
3rd stage
Check the system operability and install the decoration panel.
Download instructions for connecting Orion warm baseboard.
View technical characteristics of Orion warm baseboard system.
It takes 1 m of the heating element to heat a room of 3−4 m2. Therefore, warming up a house of 100 m2 requires about 30 m of warm baseboard Orion.
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Orion is interested in expanding the dealer network. We are ready to work with companies from Russia, CIS countries and the European Union countries. If you are our dealer, you have the right to represent, sell and install the products of Orion in your region. We also invite designers, architects and construction teams to cooperate. We will train employees, advise and provide technical support, and, if necessary, perform the necessary work on connecting the system on our own. We value our partners and strive for long-term and mutually beneficial partnership.
Tender participation
Our company is ready to participate in procurement with the involvement of budgetary funds, carried out through the system of electronic auctions and bidding under Federal Acts No. 44 and 223. Baseboard heating system, baseboard convector, warm baseboard system tenders. We carry out delivery and installation to hotels, offices, cabins, social facilities throughout Russia. Leave your contacts and we will help you to make the terms of reference for placing the procure on the electronic trading portal.
Scope of applicability
Orion warm baseboard is an ultra-modern and economical baseboard heating system that can be used in any room of any size. It was created under the guidance of highly qualified Russian scientific workers, who introduced the latest scientific developments. It can be used not only as the main heating system, but also as an effective supplement for the existing heating in the house.
Orion electric warm baseboard has many advantages over conventional heating systems; it can be installed in apartments, residential buildings, offices, kindergartens and medical institutions. Heating a cottage is easily realized with this system, because the room area is not of fundamental importance. The electric baseboard heater is resistant to cold and damp, so it can make your garage space warm and cozy. You are to heat the balcony in case of enlarging the living area of the apartment; a warm baseboard is an ideal match for this purpose. Many industrial buildings need additional heating; the Orion baseboard system will fulfil its main function.
Simple and convenient installation
Average annual electricity consumption is only 0.025 kW/m². It's cheaper than heating with gas!
The unique design of the heating element of the Orion warm baseboard allows you to convert 100% of electricity into heat!
Safety and environmentally-friendly
Installation and any other interaction with the baseboard is absolutely safe, the device is designed in such a way as to exclude the possibility of harm to health. The skirting heater has no effect on the oxygen level in the room, it maintains the humidity within acceptable limits.

Width of application
Houses, apartments, offices, garages, public and industrial buildings, balconies - this is just an incomplete list of real estate objects where you can install the Orion system.
The energy consumption of an electric warm skirting board is only 25 W per 1 m² of area, therefore the price of heating a warm skirting board is cheaper than that of all existing heating systems!
Width of application
Safety and environmentally-friendly
You can personally experience all the advantages of a warm baseboard by installing it in your room! If you have a desire to buy a warm baseboard, then you just need to contact us. You will be pleased with the price of an electric warm baseboard. Our employees will quickly answer all your questions, take measurements of your room and calculate the full cost for a specific object.
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