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Orion warm baseboard is a patented product that has no analogues on the market. The system has been tested, has a 3-step protection, is not afraid of moisture and can be used both in residential and non-residential buildings. Orion is a complete energy-efficient heating system.

  • Orion warm baseboard is used as a main and additional heating source.
  • It is not afraid of moisture and dampness and can be used in a bathhouse, workshops and garage-type rooms.
  • A wide range of skirting board options allows you to choose a colour scheme for every taste.
  • It does not require special areas (boiler rooms, coal rooms).
  • Installation is carried out on a fine finishing and can be carried out even by a non-specialist.
  • Connection to the 220 W power supply is enough to power the structure.
  • Average annual energy consumption is only 25 W / m2 of room space.
Benefits from cooperation with us:
  • We will make an estimate for materials and calculate the cost of installation work.
  • We will train your employees.
  • We will advise you and provide technical support.
  • We will carry out the necessary work to connect the system on our own.
If you are interested in our heating system, call +7 (812) 408-28-34 in St. Petersburg and +7 (495) 409-28-34 in Moscow or email us at We will advise on all issues of interest.
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