The Orion baseboard heating system is used to heat various types of spaces and is mounted instead of a baseboard around the perimeter of the room, provides high heating comfort, and also expands the possibilities for interior design.
The principle of this heating system operation is based on a special effect when warm air slowly rises along the walls, giving them its heat.
The principle of operation of the Orion warm baseboard as a heating system is following: heated air rises along the surface of the walls, which transfers heat to the walls themselves. The resulting screening effect allows all heat to remain in the room. Walls and windows, in turn, begin to give off the received heat, which is absorbed by all objects in the room — furniture, carpets, curtains and other items.

Thanks to this effect, the room heats twice. The first time this happens due to the heat emitted by the baseboard itself, and the second time — from the interior items. This allows the warm air to be distributed absolutely evenly throughout the room. Such a system is unique — no heating device can cope with the task of heating a room better. In addition, it should be noted that a warm baseboard has no negative effect on the indoor air.

The Orion heating system uses a heating element, which is located in the baseboard frame. The heating element is made of composite materials, silicone rubber and aluminium spiral. The modules are interconnected by connecting, corner internal and external corner elements. At the edges, the system is decorated with end caps.
Technical characteristics of Orion baseboard convectors
The baseboard heating system is connected to the power supply by a thermostat with an air temperature sensor. The thermostat is installed at a height of one meter from the floor on the opposite or mutual wall.

Download the product certificate for a detailed acquaintance with the feature, technical characteristics, instructions for installing and connecting the Orion warm baseboard heating system.

To have a look at the patent, conformity certificate and diplomas of Orion baseboard convectors follow the link.
Video instruction for installing Orion baseboard heating system
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